SoHyeon Jeong

I am cofounder of Apagom AG which produces a real-time physics engine using machine-learning. I was a Post Doc. and a Pioneer Fellow in Computer Graphics Lab. of Prof. Dr. Markus Gross at ETH Zurich until 2017. I work on the Pioneer Fellowship project, Physics Forests, a real-time physics engine using Machine-Learning in collaboration with Lubor Ladicky from CVG. I was a research professor in 2013 at Korea University where I completed my Ph.D. in 2013 and M.S. in 2007. I majored in Computer Science Education at Korea University in 2005.

Physics Forests

Physics Forests is a very efficient and stable physics engine using machine-learning (regression forests) that speeds up the computation of physics-based simulations several magnitudes faster than existing solvers. Our water simulation solver can simulate scenes that consist of several millions of particles in real-time with GPU, including rigid body dynamics, surface generation and multiple fluids.

You can try our real-time fluid demo: Download Demo.


Apagom AG
Winterthurerstrasse 22,
8006 Zurich, Switzerland
SoHyeon at Apagom dot Com


From Point Clouds to Mesh using Regression

Ľubor Ladický, Olivier Saurer, SoHyeon Jeong, Fabio Maninchedda, Marc Pollefeys,
International Conference on Computer Vision, 2017.


Physics Forests: Real-time Fluid Simulation using Machine Learning

Ľubor Ladický, SoHyeon Jeong, Nemanja Bartolović, Marc Pollefeys, Markus Gross,
SIGGRAPH Real-time Live! 2017.

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Data-Driven Fluid Simulations using Regression Forests

Ľubor Ladický*, SoHyeon Jeong*, Barbara. Solenthaler, Marc Pollefeys and Markus Gross (*joint first authors), ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2015, Kobe, Japan, 2-5 November, 2015.

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Simulation of Morphology Changes in Drying Leaves

SoHyeon Jeong, Si-Hyung Park and Chang-Hun Kim,
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 32, Issue 1, pp. 204-215, February 2013
(Invited to EUROGRAPHICS 2014).

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Combustion Waves on the Point Set Surface

SoHyeon Jeong and Chang-Hun Kim,
Computer Graphics Forum (In Proc. Pacific Graphics 2013),
Vol. 32, No. 7, pp. 225-234, October 2013.

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Shrinkage, Wrinkling and Ablation of Burning Cloth and Paper

SoHyeon Jeong, Tae-hyeong Kim and Chang-Hun Kim,
Computer Graphics International 2011 (CGI 2011), June 2011.

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Nearly Rigid Deformation by Linear Optimization

SoHyeon Jeong and Chang-Hun Kim,
Technical Sketch in the ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Abstracts and Applications, August 2007.

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Simulation of Thin Shells with Shrinkage and Wrinkles

SoHyeon Jeong, Ph.D. Dissertation, 2013

Point-based As-Rigid-As-Possible 3D Shape Deformation

SoHyeon Jeong, Master Thesis, 2007.